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Temporarily listed here first.
    displays the current CPU frequencies on a Raspberry Pi and is a port of the original Brad Davis gkfreq plugin.

Plugins listed alphabetically by authors last name.

Gkremldk   0.9.6 for GKrellM2
    Christophe Badoit's Gkremldk shows current mldonkey download and upload rates. You can also set on-the-fly the maximum rates by clicking on the krells.
Desktop Pager   1.0.0 for GKrellM2
    Jeff Barry added features to the original gkrellmpager to make his Desktop_Pager. It adds highlighting of the currently selected desktop and additional configuration options.
GkrellMBgChg2   0.1.7 for GKrellM2
GkrellMBgChg   0.0.4
    Stefan Bender's plugin lets you periodically update your desktop background from an image database and can display a timer to next change.
gkrellm-clipp   0.9.0 for GKrellM2
    Florian Bohrer wrote this plugin to show and access the latest entries (configurable number) of the clipboard.
GKrellKam   2.0.0 for GKrellM2
GKrellKam   0.3.4
GKrellMouse   0.0.2
GKrellScore   0.0.2 (Currently not working, see the web page)
    Paul Cannon has a few plugins:
    GKrellKam displays up to 5 periodically updated scaled images in a panel. One use could be monitoring a webcam.
    GKrellMouse keeps track of your mouse travel distances - so you'll know how much exercise you are getting.
    GKrellScore keeps track of sport scores of current games so you won't miss anything if you have to be working.
gkrellm-bluez 0.2 for GKrellM2
    Ludovic CINTRAT has a plugin that displays a graph of rx/tx bytes for your Bluetooth adaptors if the Linux kernel includes BlueZ stack support (CONFIG_BT).
gkfreq 2.0 for GKrellM2
    Erik Kjellson has updated the original gkfreq plugin by Brad Davis to support multiple CPUs/cores. The plugin displays the CPU frequency using the "dynamic" cpufrequency scheme which requires kernel support for speedstep-centrino.
    Jiri Denemark wrote this plugin to display the current time in several timezones.
IcuKrell 0.2.0
IcuKrell 2.0.0-pre0.1 for GKrellM2
    drJeckyll has written a plugin that displays the status of gnomeICU and provides control over all functions of gnomeICU via a popup menu.
gkrellm-uguru for GKrellM2
    From Tobias van Dyk. Because lm_sensors does not support the Winbond monitor chip (uGuru) used on some Abit motherboards here is a gkrellm plugin that provides some of the monitoring functions.
GKrellM-Licq 1.2 for GKrellM2
    Mattias Eklof's plugin provides Licq current status and pending messages/events monitoring.
gkhdplop 0.9.5 for GKrellM2
    Jolly Frederic made a hard drive monitor that works by "sending visual stimuli to your cortex".
GAS   2.0.2 for GKrellM2
GAS   0.1.0
GKrelLongRun   2.0.4 for GkrellM 2.0
GKrelLongRun   0.6.4
    Masaharu FUJITA plugins:
    GAS is Another Sensor plugin for FreeBSD 5-CURRENT.
    GKrelLongRun is a LongRun plugin that monitors the Transmeta Crusoe power management feature.
PMU   1.4
    Joseph Garcia has written a plugin to read the PMU status on a Powerbook, similar to the APM monitor. See the author's page for details on supported powerbooks. (1.4 is updated for GKrellM 1.2.x)
    Here's the GKrellM2 version.
GKrellM-snort   0.4
    Anthony Garnier's plugin monitors the snort alert log, displays it as a ticker, and shows the time and date of the last alert and the time since it happened.
gksyn   2.0.0
GKrellFAH   1.0
PMU   2.2 for GKrellM2
gkrellm2-imonc   0.2 for GKrellM2
    Mathias Gumz has a plugin which displays info about the running fli4l-router in your lan.
gkleds   0.8.2 for GKrellM 2.0
gkleds   0.6.1
    Oyvind Hagen's gkleds monitors the CapsLock, NumLock, and ScrollLock keys and reports their current status via on screen LEDs. The indicator state can also be set via mouse clicks.
Inet IP Tables Patch
    Bill Haller's IP Tables patch is not a plugin but a patch you can apply to the GKrellM source so that the built in Inet monitor which currently monitors TCP/IP hits can be extended to chart also TCP/IP port byte and packet counts.
Gkrellm-ToDo   0.2.5a
    Dimitar Haralanov has a plugin that lets you organize and track tasks and to-do items. It can show time spent and percent completion and can show reminders when tasks are due.
gkrellxmms2   0.6.3
    Johannes Heimansberg has a plugin to control the XMMS2 audio player (XMMS2 is a redesign of the original XMMS player).
gkrellmPing   0.2-3
    Petres Istvan lets you watch a server with his plugin by periodically pinging it and displaying the ping round trip times.
glogwatch   1.0
gvacm   1.0
gvoice   1.0
    Dean Johnson has three plugins:
    glogwatch monitors any file (such as a log file) and starts a counter showing time elapsed after the file has been modified.
    gvacm monitors the chassis status of nodes connected to a VACM nexxus.
    gvoice provides an interface to IBM's ViaVoice technology. Plugins may be written to send voice messages to this interface.
i8krellm 2.5 for GKrellM2 and GKrellM1
    Eric Johnson wrote a plugin to display CPU temperature and to control the fans on Dell notebooks running custom Linux 2.4 kernels.
GKrellM Countdown 0.1.1 for GKrellM2
    James Jones' plugin implements a countdown clock to some date and time so you can monitor time left until an exam, vacation, or even something important!
Game Monitor 0.2 for GKrellM2
    Matt Judge extends the game stats plugin with a chart graph showing players on the server over time.
gkbinclock 0.3 for GKrellM2 and GKrellM1
GKrellPrism   1.3
Vaio Brightness   2.5 for GKrellM2
Vaio Brightness   1.2
    Mike Kershaw has a couple of plugins:
    GKrellPrism monitors the link quality and speed of the wireless Prism/2 802.11b chipset.
    Vaio Brightness gives Sony Vaio laptop users a software-based LCD brightness control.
Am I connected?   0.6 for GKrellM2
i8kcputemp   0.1 for GKrellM2
    Chris King's plugins:
    Am I connected? pings multiple hosts and displays either time or % loss results. LEDs show the current state based on configurable threasholds.
    i8kcputemp is a CPU temperature monitor for Dell Inspirons (i8kutils).
FChart   1.0.0 for GKrellM2
    Geoff Kuenning has implemented a chart plugin that monitors a file for numeric data and plots it on a chart so you can now have customized charts displaying data of your choice.
GKrellAclock 0.3.4 for GKrellM2
GKrellAclock 0.2.1
GKrellShoot 0.4.4 for GKrellM2
GKrellShoot 0.3.2
GKrellStock   0.5.1 for GKrellM2
GKrellStock   0.4
    M.R.Muthu Kumar plugins:
    GKrellAclock is an analog clock.
    GKrellShoot gives you convenient one button access to initiating a screen lock (screensaver) and screen shots. It also has charts with various nice screensaver style animations.
    GKrellStock lets you keep tabs on stock quotes with a ticker panel and a quote panel. It can get quotes from US and many European and Asian markets.
GKrellWeather   0.2.7 for GKrellM 1.2
    Franky Lam has a weather monitor that looks up weather data from the National Weather Service and can display temperature and humidity, dewpoint and atmospheric pressure, and more.
gjbkrell   0.2
    Stephen Lau has a plugin which controls the Globecom Jukebox.
Gkrinn   0.5.1
    Eric Leblond wrote a plugin which gives the number of unread messages in newsgroups. It works like mailwatch, but for nntp.
Gkrellmbio   1.0
Gkrellmdoml   1.0
Gkrellmdwd   1.1
Gkrellmip   1.2

(Site in German)
    From Klaus-J. Luksch:
    Gkrellmbio shows your biorhythms.
    Gkrellmdoml tracks your aging days! (doml = Days Of My Life).
    Gkrellmdwd shows weather warnings of the German Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD).
    Gkrellmip displays the ip address of a given network interface. Useful for a dynamic ip and it requires the ip program (from the iproute package).
Gktvellm   0.0.4
    Kris Luyten has a plugin that controls your XawTV application.
Gkrellfah2   1.0.0 for GKrellM2
Multiping   2.0.8 for GKrellM2
Multiping   0.1.2 for GKrellm1
FMonitor   2.0.4 for GKrellM2
gkrellm qst   2.0 for GKrellM2
GkrellWeather   2.0.6 for GKrellM2
    Jindrich Makovicka plugins:
    Multiping can ping several machines and display the trip time and status.
    FMonitor, gkrellm qst, GkrellWeather are originally by others, but Jindrich has ported them to GKrellM2.
viao_krellm   1.2
    Paul McAvoy has a couple of Sony Vaio plugins. One is a slider control for the LCD panel brightness and the other shows power source and battery time left. Both require his vaiostat kernel module.
gkrellmGIMPS   2.2 for GKrellM2
gkrellmGIMPS   0.1b
    Jay Miller's plugin measures the progress of a client participating in the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS).
gkinterfaces   1.0.1 (for FreeBSD)
    Mitzyuki IMAIZUMI has a plugin for FreeBSD systems that displays the IP address of network interfaces. Left button click to toggle scrolling.
Game Stats   0.05
    Anton Moroz's plugin gets statistics from game servers. It requires qstat.
GKIBM-ACPI   0.1.1
    From Collin Mulliner,:
    GKIMB-ACPI is a set of plugins for the ibm-acpi driver to display CPU, GPU, HDD, Mini-PCI, Battery temperature and the fan speed.
    GKHDAPS displays the tilt/motion sensor information from the HDAPS driver (Hard Disk Active Protection System for IBM ThinkPads).
GKrellMPC   0.1_beta7
    Mina Naguib wrote this plugin to control the MPD music daemon.
GKrellMBUPS   2.0.2 for GKrellM2
GKrellMBUPS   1.0 beta
GKrellMEris 2.0.1 for GKrellM2
    Chris Page has the plugins:
    GKrellMBUPS which is a UPS plugin for the Belkin Sentry Bulldog (it communicates with its "upsd" daemon process). It monitors voltages, frequencies, load, temperature, and UPS status messages.
    GKrellMEris which displays the date in Discordian form with a customisable format string and an "optional pointless random quote".
Seti@home   for 0.10.4   and   Fileread   for 0.10.4
    Henry Palonen has a seti@home plugin on his web page and has added a fileread monitor which can monitor a general label/value pair in a file.
    Tomas Styblo maintains the GKrellM2 version.
GKrellDnet 0.14.2 for GKrellM2
GKrellDnet 0.10
    Laurent Papier Has a plugin which will monitor the work unit progress of the current distributed.net contest.
aLLtraXClock2   0.2 for GKrellM2
aLLtraXClock   0.3
gkrellm2-batteries   1.0.3
    Providing an alternative to the gkrellm builtin battery monitor is Eugene Pavlovsky's ACPI battery monitor plugin. I'm hosting the tarball since there's no website for it and you can look at the README in the tarball to see its features.
GKrellM Sunlight   0.3
    From Mauro Persano you can display a world map with the current day and night regions for the current system time.
gkPCcard   0.5     for GKrellM1
    Alex Peuchert has a PCMCIA monitor which displays the names of installed cards, shows an animation when cards are changed, and can execute commands on the PCcards. The GKrellM2 version of this plugin is above.
Gkrellm Pager   0.2.0     for GKrellM2
    Johann Pfefferl wrote a plugin for paging control of EWMH compliant virtual desktops.
bubblefishymon   0.5.1 for GKrellM1
    Pigeon has ported bubblefishymon to gkrellm. It's a window into a graphical smorgasbord that responds to just about all system activity. The GKrellM2 version of this plugin is below.
GKrellM NUT   0.0.2
    Vitaly Polonetsky has a UPS plugin for NUT (Network UPS Tools) which monitors voltages, frequencies, and temperatures.
gkx86info   0.0.2 for GKrellM2 (port by Francois Barde)
gkx86info   0.0.2
    Jake Richardson has a plugin that calculates an estimated clock speed for your processor (useful for speed stepping processors that can dynamically change clock speed).
GKrellFlynn   0.8 for GKrellM 1.2.x and 2.0
    Henryk Richter gives you Flynn, who shows you system load activity by ... well, see for yourself.
IBAM   0.3 for GKrellM2
    Sebastian Ritterbusch has a GKrellM plugin in his intelligent battery monitor project. It analyzes battery performance and displays a more accurate reading of battery time remaining. You get the plugin by installing his rpm or by a "make krell" from the source tarball.
bubblefishymon   0.6.4     for GKrellM2
    James Rowe has a port of bubblefishymon to gkrellm2. It's a window into a graphical smorgasbord that responds to just about all system activity. It's based on the GKrellM1 version of this plugin above.
Tcphealth   1.2
    Federico David Sacerdoti has a plugin which monitors some metrics (average round trip times and lost or re-ordered packets) for tcp connections. Note: to use this plugin you must apply a tcphealth patch to the kernel.
GKrellM giFT   0.2.3 for GKrellM2
SETI@home   2.7.0 for GKrellM2
SETI@home   0.7.0
    Xavier Serpaggi has a seti@home plugin with a custom background and krell for a cool look.
GkrellmWHO2 0.2.8   for GKrellM2
animatics   0.1 for GKrellM2
    Alexander Shishckin's plugins:
    GkrellmWHO2 displays logged in users and includes additional info such as idle status.
    animatics is an animation display which is intended to grow into displaying something useful and not just eye candy.
GKrellMMS   2.1.21 for GKrellM2
GKrellMMS   0.5.8
Mailwatch   2.4.3 for GKrellM2
Mailwatch   0.7.2
Volume   2.1.13 for GKrellM2
Volume   0.8
GKrellM Radio   2.0.4 for GKrellM2
GKrellM Radio   0.3.3
GKrellM-Wireless   2.0.3 for GKrellM2
GKrellM-Wireless   0.2.2
    Sjoerd Simons has these plugins:
    GKrellMMS was originally developed by Sander Klein Lebbink but now by Sjoerd. This is a GKrellM plugin which has buttons to control XMMS via the XMMS remote control api. The song title is scrolled on a panel and there is a right mouse button popup of XMMS options. Use this with the Volume plugin and you have a nice audio control center in GKrellM.
    Mailwatch has separate displays for multiple mailboxes.
    Volume lets you select which mixer controls you want..
    Gkrellm-radio was originally developed by Lars Christensen but now also by Sjoerd. This plugin controls radio tuners and can cycle through preset stations or can dial tune to any frequency with a wheel mouse.
    GKrellM-Wireless monitors the link quality of a wireless LAN card.
gkrellm-reminder   2.0.0 for GKrellM2
    James Simonsen has a plugin which can be configured with one shot, daily, or weekly event times you want to be reminded of.
gkrellmoon   0.6 for GKrellM2
gkrellmoon   0.3
    Dale P. Smith has a moon clock plugin that shows the current moon phase for your location.
GKrellFire   0.3.3 for GKrellM2
gkrellm-trayicons   1.02 for GKrellM2
gkrellm xkb   1.05 for GKrellM2
gkrellm gamma   2.03 for GKrellM2
Fileread   2.00 for GKrellM2
    Tomas Styblo's plugins:
    gkrellm-trayicons displays a variable number of user-defined, automatically scaled icons which may be used for various notification purposes or as application launchers. The plugin serves a purpose similar to that of the "system tray" notification area on the Windows taskbar.
    gkrellm xkb displays a small country flag indicating the currently active national keyboard layout.
    gkrellm gamma allows you to control your monitor's gamma correction.
            Based on Gregory Thiemonge's original GKrellM 1.2 version.
    Fileread displays the first line from a file and checks for a change every ten seconds.
            Based on Henry Palonen's original GKrellM 1.2 version.
gkacpi   0.3
    Michal Suski has a plugin to display acpi battery, ac state, and temperature for laptops.
gkrellm gamma   0.0.3
gkrellm qst   0.4
    Michael Tilstra has a plugin that queries a quake server and displays the current map name and number of players.
hddtemp   0.2-beta for GKrellM2 and GKrellM1
    Emmanuel Varagnat gives you a plugin that monitors the temperature of your IDE hard drive by reading S.M.A.R.T. information (for modern drives that support this feature).
GKWebMon   0.2 for GKrellM2
    Erik Waling's plugin can periodically check a list of web pages and flag when any page content changes.
gkrellsun   0.12.1 for GKrellM >= 2.2.0 and 0.10.6 for GKrellM 2.1.x
    Norman Walsh made a plugin that displays the local sun rise and sun set times.
GKrellMLaunch   0.5 for GKrellM2
GKrellMLaunch   0.4
    Lee Webb has a launching plugin that gives you some buttons you can configure to launch some of your frequently used apps.
GKrellM2-show_ip 1.1
    Detlef Wien's plugin shows the actual IP address of a given network interface. If you are behind a firewall with NAT or in a LAN, you can see your local address (not the external IP). The IP address display can be exported for display on a builtin net chart for gkrellm versions >= 2.3.0
cpuspeed 0.1 for GKrellM2
GKrellMSS 2.6 for GKrellM2
    GKrellM Sound Scope by me. This is a VU meter and chart that can be toggled between a sound oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer. It monitors a sound stream from an Esound server and/or an ALSA sound card. Either fftw3 or fftw2 is required.
gkrellm2-cpufreq 0.5.5
gkrelltop 2.2.7 for GKrellM2 and GKrellM1
    Adi Zaimi's plugins:
    gkrelltop displays the three most cpu intensive processes. If gkrellm >= 2.2.0 is installed, gkrelltop will have both gkrellm and gkrellmd plugin modules for client/server applications.
    gkrellnetsel is a panel that interfaces to a web browser where you can paste selected URLs or Google search strings (right click) and quick addition of URLs to your bookmarks.
GKnews 0.1.1 for GKrellM2
    David Zubillaga's plugin can monitor multiple NNTP servers and show the number of new newsgroup articles available on a server since the last one read.
gkrellm_snmp 1.0
GKrellM Timers   1.3 for GKrellM2
    Christian W. Zuckschwerdt has two plugins:
    SNMP is a Simple Network Management Protocol vars monitor which for example can monitor server load via UCD-SNMP daemon or ambient temperature via router environment MIB.
    GKrellM Timers lets you set multiple count down timers or stopwatches. Commands can be executed when count down timers expire.